Dr. Ayala plays an important role in your pursuit of a divorce. She has a Masters in Jurisprudence in Child and Family Law. Dr. Ayala is not an attorney and will not provide legal advice. Dr. Ayala assists with preparing your legal documents for an uncontested divorce, publication divorce or legal separation for submission in court. If language is an issue (Spanish) Dr. Ayala will accompany you to present your petition in court and/or at the time the judgement of dissolution is signed by the judge. She will help you consider your decisions wisely through an empathic and balanced approach in an effort to make the journey through the divorce process as healthy and non-conflictual as possible. She will not provide counseling/psychotherapy but will make the referrals to individuals in the field. In the event that either party decides to pursue litigation, Dr. Ayala will withdraw from the case and the couple will be required to seek and hire attorneys to represent them. 

Please note that in Cook, DuPage, Lake,  and Will Counties, parents of minor children are required to participate in a parenting education program that helps divorcing parents understand the unique issues involved with divorce and children. The court will not permit a couple to obtain a divorce until the course is completed and a certificate of completion is presented. Dr. Ayala will provide a list of places where the individual/couple can take the course.



Karen Ledezma

Karen Ledezma has a BA in Political Science. She has been working with clients for years in the social services field and is prepared to work with assisting clients with the transition of a broken marriage to filling out the legal documentation in obtaining a divorce or legal separation.  Her ultimate goal is to help clients through this process successfully and provide a positive impact on how they navigate their paths toward a healthier lifestyle. She is bilingual/bicultural (Spanish and English).


Yolanda Perez

Yolanda is the administrative secretary who dedicates herself to assist individuals and families in a professional manner and maintain confidentiality of their personal information. She has a high level communication skill set that help provide an easy transitional process with the services that are provided. She is also a notary public and can notarize personal and/or business documents. Yolanda is bilingual/bicultural (Spanish and English).