If you’re considering the option of pro se divorce in Illinois, know that many have successfully chosen this route and navigated through their divorce as peacefully and efficiently as possible.

We asked one of our clients, Mary, (named changed for confidentiality) to tell us her story and a little about her experiences with pro se divorce.

“My husband and I were married two years, but had actually been together for 15 years before we married.  I must say, we were not the most conventional couple! 

Going through a divorce is difficult, and I wanted a quick and simple option while my ex-husband and I were still on good terms. Having no children and being a successful business woman, I needed a solution that would protect my interests. At first, in the midst of my sadness and pain, I thought of fighting it out in the court system, but the reality of a long, dragged out divorce along with financial cost, time, and my mental well-being, made me think twice. Going with a pro se divorce with Divorce Dimensions helped us have honest conversation, express our interests and come to an agreement that ultimately led to a simple and peaceful divorce. Best of all, Divorce Dimensions valued our time and financial resources.


Another thing was that I felt overwhelmed at times and it was nice to have someone represent my best interests when I felt lost in the process. Divorce Dimensions was there for me at a very low point in my life. The separation agreement we worked out helped me see the big picture. I knew exactly what I would receive (assets, financially, etc.) at the end of my divorce and there was very little negotiating back and forth between me and my ex-husband since details were hammered out in advance. Divorce Dimensions laid out the process and explained the next steps.

The process was just as easy as promised. The staff at Divorce Dimensions is extremely knowledgeable about the pro se uncontested divorce process and what I really liked is that they are with you from start to finish. You are never alone in this process. They provided a caring, confidential environment and understood the transition that was before me (us). They also made themselves available via
phone call and email whenever I had questions or concerns.

I have many friends who have also gone through a divorce. For some, it was a long and
difficult process with countless court proceedings that nearly bankrupted them.  I’m so glad my ex-husband was open to this process. We both saved money and walked away from the marriage with an amicable divorce.”


Mary has now been divorced for a year and a half as well as a past client who readily recommends Divorce Dimensions to couples she meets who may benefit from our service. Pro se divorce may not be possible for everyone, but it is a worthwhile consideration. We asked Mary who she thinks is best suited to the services offered at Divorce Dimensions.

“If you have limited resources and want to dissolve your marriage in a way that honors your interest in a fair process, Divorce Dimensions is for you. Couples who are having honest conversation about ending their marriage without trying to derail or hurt each other in the process should consider the professional divorce services offered by Divorce Dimensions.”

We are glad we were able to help Mary and so many like her after they have decided to end their marriage and wanted to do so gracefully, and as quickly and affordably as possible.  Before you call the attorney, consider if an uncontested divorce in Cook, DuPage, Lake or Will county is an option for you. If so, call Divorce Dimensions toll free at 800.969.9087. We would be happy to help you through the process of the uncontested, pro se divorce. 

Dr. Ayala is the founder of Divorce Dimensions and a licensed Social Worker with a Masters of Jurisprudence in Child and Family Law. Her mission is to help those who are ending their marriage to pursue a positive future beginning with an affordable, pro se divorce.